Quidco – Are you a member yet?

What is Quidco?

Quidco helps you get cashback on things you buy online, from leading shopping sites like eBay, Dixons and Play.com – even Aviva, Santander and Halifax.
Read on, and I’ll show you how to earn from £5 to over £70 quite quickly.. Sounds too good to be true? Sounds like a scam?

I have earned over £200 from the normal shopping I do online, and I will explain how you can too.

How Does It Work?

Quidco act as an introducer, or referrer.
It is fairly simple, we’ll use Experian as an example. They say to Quidco,

“We will give you £5 for every new customer who signs up to our CreditExpert™ service and stays with us for at least 20 days of the 30 day free trial.”

Quidco share that £5 with you.  Experian don’t mind as they have a new customer, the customer is happy as they have £5.

So how do Quidco make any money?

You will never be asked to pay for the service directly – each year Quidco take £5 of your cashback earnings to pay for the service.
If you don’t earn anything, there’s nothing to pay.

So why am I promoting Quidco?

Click the link below and Quidco will give me a bonus for referring you!
They said to me, “We will give you £2.50 for every new customer who signs up to our site and earns at least £5.”

I Love Quidco!
Once you’ve signed up, using the link above, you can sign up for a 30 day trial of Experian CreditExpert and earn £5!
Experian Credit Expert Trial – Quidco will take the £5 from you as their fee, as described above, but anything else you earn is cold hard cash!

Sign up to the Equifax trial and earn £5, take out a trial LoveFilm subscription and earn £15 cash. Open a Santander current account and get £50.
Manage the offers carefully, and you’ve got yourself £70 in a few clicks of a mouse for zero cost to you.

How much can I expect to earn? Really?

I have earned about £100 a year, recently I got £16 cashback on some new glasses from GlassesDirect, I earned a few quid from buying some prints from PhotoBox..
Here is a screen grab of my Account Summary.. This is cash back on the things I am buying anyway.

£147 Quido Cashback

I recently got a new mobile, £30 cashback.
I got some new prescription sunglasses, got myself 10% cashback.
I took out a Halifax card, £10 cashback.
Paid £70 quid for some shoes, and earned 10% in cashback.
Got some running gear, got some cashback.

Quidco Cashback August 2011 - £218 so far!

Sign Up Now!

So what are you waiting for? Please use my sign up link and help me earn a little bonus, and make yourself some free cash.

I Love Quidco!

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