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Busbi Bolt 16GB USB 3 Flash Drive Review

August 31, 2011 4 comments

Busbi Bolt USB 3 / USB 2 16GB Review

The Busbi Bolt is a USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 compatible flash drive.
Today I’m reviewing the 16GB version and testing the speed in USB 2 and USB 3 mode.

Busbi Bolt 16GB USB3

First Impressions

I can’t tell you much about the Busbi brand, but it’s probably just a repackaged OEM device, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If the memory chips and the controller are good enough, why should it matter who fabricates them?

The Bolt feels robust and light when first released from it’s blister pack. The surface on which the Busbi logo is printed has a different feel from the plastic outer, it’s almost rubberised, and tactile enough to provide grip when inserting and removing.
There is a brilliant blue LED that also illuminates the transparent base. The base houses a metal loop for a lanyard, although one is not supplied.


#1 – Retail Front

Retail Package Front

#2 – Retail Rear

Retail Packaging Rear

#3 – Blue Illumination

Blue Illumination When In-Use

Free Space

Windows detected the drive without requiring drivers, my system runs windows 7.

Windows shows the drive as a 14.9GB capacity.

16GB is 14.9GB Free Space

This is the same for every device, it is not a fault with your drive.

A device advertised at 16GB is actually 16 billion bytes or 16,000,000,000 bytes.
On your packaging somewhere is should say 1KB equals 1000 Bytes.

In reality, 1KB is 1024 Bytes, so your real capacity is less. To calculate what size you should get, take your 16 billion Bytes, divide this by 1024 to get the number of Kilobytes.
Divide again for Megabytes, and again for a Gigabytes.. 14.9011..

Speed Test

On the back of the packaging, Busbi claim this drive will operate at of 20MB/sec read and 10MB/sec write through USB 2 and they claim 50MB/sec read speed and 20MB/sec write speed through USB 3.

USB2 - 20MB/10MB sec USB 3 - 50MB/20MB sec

The Software

The software I’m using to test the Busbi Bolt has changed in version only, from previous flash drive tests.
The physical way in which the drives are tested is relatively unchanged – a file is written to the drive and verified, and the read and write speeds are calculated.

You can download the test software yourself, from the following locations.

CheckFlash by Misha Cherkes version 1.16.2
Barts Stuff Test version 5.1.4
Crystal Disk Mark version 3.0.1b – available in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

The test system is a custom-built i7 930 with 6GB ram, running windows 7 x64.
The flash drive is formatted to NTFS to allow a full drive read write test.
FAT32 has a file size limit of 4GB

Check Flash – USB 2

Check Flash is set to complete 3 passes of the Small Pattern Set read write test.

#1 – Nearing end of 2nd cycle

Check Flash coming to end of 2nd cycle.

#2 – Check Flash finished 3rd cycle

Check Flash Finished Testing

Our final values for USB 2 testing with Check Flash are 32.94 MB/sec read and 17.94 MB/sec write.

Check Flash – USB 3

Check Flash is set to complete 3 passes of the Small Pattern Set read write test.

#1 -Check Flash 1st cycle

Testing USB 3 In-Progress

#2 – Final Check Flash results

USB3 - 52.76MB/sec read 18.02MB/sec write

Our final values for USB 3 testing with Check Flash are 52.76 MB/sec read and 18.02 MB/sec write.

Where To Buy?

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or use code DSTORE10 at Currys (UK) for 10% off and free delivery.

£13.49 with 10% off and free delivery

Seen a better offer? Post a comment!