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LG BD550 Blu-Ray Disc Player

June 25, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve been saving up to get a new player to replace my Philips DVD drive – I play a lot of DivX movies, and the Philips was struggling to cope with the higher resolutions. Also, it struggled with any scene involving fire, water, shooting – anything fast-motion really – would result in choppy rendering and stuttering audio.

So there’s two things I really want from a hi-def player, MKV support and DivX HD playback. Smooth playback.

I was thinking of replacing it with a media player system or a Blu-Ray Player.
The Asus O!Play HD2 is around £80 and the Patriot Box Office about £60 at the time of review, Amazon has the LG BD550 for £65.

Asus O!Play HD2

Asus O!Play HD2 - Front & Rear

Asus O!Play HD2 - HDD Installation

The Asus O!Play HD2 supports USB3, if you have very large files to transfer to it.

Video – HDMI 1.3, Component RGB  and Composite S-Video.

Audio – L and R audio, Optical and Coaxial out.

Input – Ethernet & USB 3 to the rear and support for CF, SD, MMC, MS, MS Duo, eSATA and USB 2 at the front.

Extras – DLNA, Upgrade storage with internal 3.5″ HDD, can be a Samba Server or NAS box, Bit Torrent client. Supports Internet accessible content.


Patriot Box Office

coming soon..

The LG BD550

LG BD550 Blu-Ray Disc Player

Video – HDMI, RGB  and S-Video.

Audio – L and R audio and Coaxial out.

Input – 10/100 Ethernet rear and USB 2 on front.

Extras – Bonus View, BD Live, DivX HD, MKV, AVCHD, NTFS USB Playback.

LG BD550 Rear Ports

Bonus View and BD-J

All modern BluRay players must support Bonus View, which is a Java based environment that supports the on disc menus and interactive material.
You can find out more about BD-J here

BD Live

BD Live is the term used when interactive material is sourced from the internet. There are privacy issues surrounding BD Live as a connection to an authorisation server reveals Personally Identifiable Information.

A quick Google search reveals many Terms Of Service, including Warner Bros

When you access Warner Bros. BD-Live content through one of our services, we collect statistics concerning downloaded and viewed trailers, referrals, chats, other interactions with BD-Live content, as well as certain diagnostic information related to your BD-Live players display and ability to deliver services.

or CBS

In addition, we may collect your IP address or some other unique identifier for the particular device you use to access the Internet, as applicable (collectively referred to as a “Device Identifier”). A Device Identifier is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer, your Blu-Ray player, or other device used to access the Internet, and our computers identify your device by its Device Identifier.

Making Choices

There are not a lot of players that explicitly say ‘Supports MKV’ or ‘DivX HD playback’ but after reading around, a few reviews listed these as supported formats and I was happy when the player arrived that it had the MKV and DivX HD logo on the top.

AVCHD, MKV and DivX HD Supported


My next step was to put an MKV on my NTFS external drive and see if this player was as fast and as smooth as I hoped.. And I wasn’t disappointed.
A 6Gb MKV loaded in seconds, with very smooth playback and amazing video quality.