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Sandisk Cruzer Edge – Flash Drive Review

April 18, 2011 19 comments

There are several flash drives available in the Cruzer range, the Micro, the Slice and then the Blade. Now meet Edge, the latest addition to the line up.

First Impressions

The Edge feels plasticy and very light when first released from it’s blister pack. There is, however, a very nice solidity as you open and retract the USB connector.
I don’t think this will easily pop out in a pocket or if it’s dropped.

On inserting the Flash Drive into the USB port, i found you really needed to keep you thumb firmly in place to stop the connector retracting, and this was made more difficult by the nature of it’s small size when there were other drives or cables in the adjacent slot. I found it awkward to keep the connector fully extended during insertion, and I had the very same issue with the Cruzer Micro.


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Free Space

On insertion, Windows detects the drive at 7.45GB capacity.. A device advertised at 8GB is actually 8billion bytes or 8,000,000,000 bytes.
Divide this by 1024 to get the number of Kilobytes, divide again for Megabytes, and again for a Gigabytes.. 7.45

7.38GB Free Space

Add on the file system overhead, and useable capacity is 7.38GB.


First testing shows the Edge has a slow write speed, but with a faster Read speed.

Our first test is CheckFlash 1.16 in Logical Drive more, this is an operating system independent test that writes directly to the flash drive.

CheckFlash - Logical Drive Test

Second test, with CheckFlash again is Temporary

CheckFlash 1.16 - Temporary File Test


Test Program - Read MB/sec - Write MB/sec
Check Flash Logical    - 18.45       - 4.70
Check Flash Temporary  - 18.50       - 4.52

Average Read & Write - 18.48 - 4.61

Compare this to the Cruzer Blade review, and there is only a marginal decrease in Write speed, (Blade 5MB/sec average,) and the Read speed has increased by about 2MB/sec.