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Firefox 7.01 on Release Channel

So a new version of Firefox has landed on the Release channel, and already we see the first dot release,  to 7.0.1 – to resolve a bug with Add-On visibility.

We’ve identified an issue in which some users may have one or more of their add-ons hidden after upgrading to the latest Firefox version, affecting both desktop and mobile. These add-ons and their data are still intact and haven’t actually been removed.


If you’ve had this problem, the upgrade should resolve it. The Add-Ons blog has a link to a tool to resolve the issue if the upgrade doesn’t.

Beta, Aurora, Nightly

So Beta Channel is now at 8.b1, Alpha Aurora Channel is offering 9.0a2 and strange versioning continues over at Firefox Nightly, offering up 9.0a1 – a depreciated build?

Read the official Release Notes for yourself here.

  1. Mac
    October 2, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    windows media player stop working after upgraded from firefox 6.02 to Firefox 7.01 yesterday.
    the plugin for win media player is already installed and working fine in FF 6.02 before upgrade. i have Google this issue without any result so far. so i reinstalled the old version 6.02, until fix is found.

    anyone has the similar issue in Win 7 32 bit?

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