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Google Web and Mobile Search UI Update

The new Google UI is based on 3 key principles, focus, elasticity and effortlessness. You can read more about the three key design principles directly from the official Google blog.


On Android handsets, there is a really nice UI update to the Google Search page, tightly integrating the touch functionality of the handsets.
On launch, the address bar is hidden out of sight, however you can still scroll the page to reveal it. The focus in on Search.

Google Search in Browser

Click more to reveal extra search options – as you click, the screen smoothly scrolls to reveal icons for the more popular search tools, Images, Shopping, Places, YouTube and even Apps.

Select More for Extra Search Options and Apps for Quick Access to Google Web Apps

However, if you choose Search and select Apps, it doesn’t link directly to the new web based Market, nor does it load market app on the handset, instead showing search results with matching App details.
Indeed, choose Apps, and it presents icons for Gmail, but click the limk and it redirects to the Gmail website. So is this new mobile UI  purely superficial?

Even if the new UI loaded the apps on the handset, why would I load the browser, and navigate through to the right page, when I’ve got icons on the homescreen to do that for me?

Apps One Touch or Swipe Away

Unless you’re using the stock browser, you miss out on this over engineered front end. Opera and Firefox display the standard Google mobile search interface.

Web Interface

Google updated their Search user interface for the rest of it’s users to include a nice black bar across the top.

The new contrasting top bar is designed to focus your eyes on the logo – the search bar remains un-noticed and unobtrusive until you actually look for it.
The look and feel of the search results has changed, or feels like it – there seem to be fewer ‘sponsored links’ at the top of the search results.

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