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Firefox 4 beta 11

I love beta software, I’ve been using IE9 beta for a several months, yet I don’t like it.
Oh, there’s nothing wrong with it –  it doesn’t crash, it’s fast to render pages, I like the way you control add-ons, but ultimately, I use firefox and that’s my personal preference.

You might be interested to know IE9 is about to go has gone RC, you can get it here from Microsoft if you like that, or full direct download from filehippo.com (IE windows 7 x32 / IE windows 7 x64) or you can search on their site for the Vista versions, but for now, I’m going to focus on all the really cool new stuff in Firefox 4.

Click for Firefox 4 Beta site

Firefox 4 hits beta 11, you can go ahead and check out the mozilla page for the beta by clicking through, it should offer you a build suitable for your OS and language. They have a lot of new features, which I will run through with some illustrative pictures and opinions.


A New Look

A New Look for the interface

The interface for all platforms has been redesigned to be easier to use.

Firefox Button (Windows Only)

Firefox Button Windows Only replaces Menu toolbar

Firefox Button

The file menu toolbar has been condensed into a single Firefox Button on windows versions, where all the options can be accessed quickly with one click, reducing the on screen clutter.

If you dont like it, you can switch back to more normal menus.

Original Menu Style Toolbar

App Tabs

The new App Tabs feature allows you to make any tab into a stick, essentially the favicon is permanently displayed and allows you to keep the page open without fear of closing the tab and again, streamlining the interface.

Using this new function is easy – right click any opened tab and select ‘Pin to App Tab’

Pin As App Tab

Pin As App Tab

And after

Demo of App Tab

.. and you're App Tabbed

If you don’t want to try the beta, keep an eye out for the final  release!

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