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BT Home Hub 3 – A Preview

BT is launching the new Home Hub 3 for new or re-contracting  BT Total Broadband customers from the end of Feb, you can see it pictured on the BT Retail website..

I am lucky enough to get one tomorrow, where I can contrast the performance of my line against the Home Hub 2A, but for now, a few pics and specs.

You’ve got the ubiquitous 4 port hub, USB connection and ADSL input as standard. Aparently one of the ethernet is gigabit enabled, should you have a NAS or other home network device that could push the 100 megs to it’s limits. New for this hub is an ethernet connection for the Infinity VDSL modem. (Infinity is the long awaited BT FTTx offering.. Notice the images in the advertising have been updated to show HH3.)

This is an attempt by BT to create an upgrade path from BB to FTTx, with only the addition of the VDSL modem required. The amount of technically obsolete hardware out there must be costly to support, in terms of firmware and tech support. I think it is a mistake for them to charge for new equipment and customers should be upgraded for free.

The biggest difference between this and the older Home Hubs is the removal of Broadband Talk. There is no phone dock and no port for connecting a DECT phone to the hub either, something supported by all previous generations of Home Hub. It has been rumoured that the Broadband Talk service will be discontinued in its entirety, with older hub phones connecting directly to the landline.

The router features “Smart Wireless” – a spectrum analysing, channel hopping system to reduce signal loss from RF interference. This sounds a lot like software MIMO – essentially the router is always looking to overcome RF noise by adapting its output channel. Netgear have IntelliFi a state-of-the-art embedded RF management technology.

In built power management¬† turns off the ports you’re not using, so when there’s no activity on the ethernet or USB, it powers them down.

So who makes the router? There are slight cosmetic comparisons to some of the Cisco Linksys range, but for now that’s unknown. I look forward to tomorrow and finally getting my hands on it for some testing.

  1. Ratty
    March 13, 2011 at 7:17 am

    As soon as I plugged in the HomeHub 3 I lost 512kb of bandwidth. I presumed this was because I was automatically signed up to BTFon and had that portion of bandwidth reserved, but remarkably this wasn’t the case as BTFon was not actived. I tried leaving it for several days to sort itself out, but no joy. Once I reconnected my old ADSL router, waited the obligatory 3 days for the stupid system to sort itself out, then I got my 512kb back. Only one conclusion possible: HomeHub 3 wasn’t able to maximise my potential bandwidth.

    Because of exchange distance I only get 3800kb; the loss of 512 is significant.

    • March 14, 2011 at 1:48 pm

      Did you check the SNR with old router and HH3? My SNR increased, dropping me from a connection of about 5.3Mb to 4.8Mb – It’s either because of DSL Max, stability over speed, or the router is causing a higher Db loss. After 2 weeks it has returned to 5.2Mb
      I will upload a post about this soon.

  1. February 19, 2011 at 1:28 am

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