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Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

We could all be unlucky enough to get caught out by a zero-day exploit, a new flaw in some software, unknown and unpatched, but how many people out there are running outdated software, and exposing themselves to the risk of having their computer compromised when they could be protected?

For example, visit the Adobe Reader site and you can download v9.3 – but you need to force an update to get v9.3.2
For those interested, click here for the official list of exploits patched in this release. The new updater should help keep you patched in future.

If you know someone with a PC and you know they’re not so good with it, maybe they got the hang of email or facebook but they don’t realise they need to patch and update their other software, give them a call, pop round, take an hour out to get them up to date, run a virus scan, have a coffee.

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