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Namoroka 64bit Firefox Update – 3.6.3 Available

Namoroka and Mozilla-x86-64

Namoroka was the development codename for Firefox 3.6, The Mozilla-x86-64 project provides custom 64 bit builds of Firefox, unofficially.

A new build of the 64 bit Firefox 3.6, Namoroka has been updated to 3.6.3 and is available to download. Some security flaws in 3.6 build of Firefox have been patched.

64 bit Firefox 4 beta 12 – a Minefield..

The people over at Mozilla-x86-64 have also compiled the latest Firefox 4 into 64 bit windows versions, however at the time of writing, the most up-to-date version you can download is the Firefox 4 beta 12.
Read my earlier post on your options for Firefox on 64bit systems.

The Official Firefox download is available as a 32bit app, which is great, and that will run on 64 bit system, including Windows 7 64 bit, but in a special 32bit mode, and really defeats the benefits of a 64 bit OS.

You can read the official Mozilla.org articles – Firefox on Windows 7 and lack of support for 64bit to get a heads-up.

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