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Wii Softmod Is For Wimps

Like many others I got a Revolution Wii shortly after it was released. Triwing in hand, I opened up the console to check what revision drive controller I had.
(What? Wasn’t that the first thing you did with your Wii?)
hmm. D2B with cut legs.

D2B cut legs

D2B cut legs

This is a photo of my actual drive controller..
Because the legs had been cut off, I had to get out the Dremel and expose them..

D2B after Dremel

D2B after Dremel

I slipped with Dremel 3 times.. I thought this mod was crazy until Nintendo made revision D2C – the first chips out required 30 wires to be soldered directly to the legs of the drive controller.

Example D2C Key Soldering

Example D2C Key Soldering

You need some Mad Skills to achieve this install..

So why am I going  to so much trouble? Lol 😉
Exposing the traces allowed me make my own legs to reconnect the chip to the board.. and so it’s like there was never an issue.

Rebuilding Legs on Wii D2B Drive Chip

Rebuilding Legs

My final task before closing up the Wii is to solder 5 wires to board contact points, and run the wire to the outside of the Wii, as I want my mod-chip to be external and removable.

5-Wire Installation Complete

5-Wire Installation Complete

There we go! The soldering of the Wii is all done and dusted, now I need to find a chip… There are several off the shelf modchips available, but I decided I didn’t want to pay for something I could do myself, so the final choice is YAOSM, an open source modchip that can be written to inexpensive PICs.
Hmm. I don’t have a PIC programmer.

Ahh, you’re getting the idea. 😉 Next steps?

  1. Build a PIC programmer,
  2. Write the PIC code
  3. install modchip.
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